Monday, July 4, 2011

Red White and Blue

Happy 4th of July!
My friends and I planned a BBQ at the park :)
I made a fruit salad:

and I also tried a new recipe from Healthy is Happy: Sugar free Coconut Truffles

I used Truvia as the directions called for erithrytol, but I had a really tough time working with it! As soon as I added it to the other ingredients, it crystallized and formed huge chunks of sugar.

They were super pretty, but tasted extremely chemical-y for some reason...I think I will try them out with regular sugar next time. They definitely have potential! So, I didn't end up bringing these to the party.
I dressed up in red, white, and blue for today's holiday :)

Pardon the mess in the background- I was working on a paper for my Career Counseling class before the BBQ!

How did you celebrate America's Birthday?


  1. You look so festive Sonia! I love your festive dessert...I have never had Truvia but I hear it does have a chemical aftertaste.

    I am celebrating the 4th by catching up on work. Vacations are great but then the deluge of work I face when coming home kind of bites...

    Happy 4th my friend!

  2. You look cute! And I actually think the coconut cookies look pretty good- I'd try them!

  3. I'm loving your red, white, and blue!
    I usually use real sugar since I am particular with anything else. Sometimes you just gotta go with the real thing. Looks tasty though!

  4. My dad is diabetic, so I'm always on the lookout for fun sugar-free desserts (I think my sweet-tooth is genetic!), but they often do have a bit of a chemically aftertaste.

    We had a nice family barbecue. It was so great to see so many people I only see once a year!

  5. I love your dress. I can never seem to rock hats without feeling like a goober, but yours is great!

    I celebrated by being laid up with a kidney stone...blahhhh!

  6. Wow those coconut truffles looks oh so delicious.

  7. I use a sweetener called "Sun Crystals." You can get them at just about any store around here, and it's the only artificial sweetener I've ever used that didn't taste "chemical-y" to me. I think that it's essentially Truvia, but there are 5 calories worth of pure cane sugar in it (in a packet). So, there are *some* calories but worth it for me, and anyone who has had problems with that yucky chemical taste.