Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pizza Pops!

Hello all! Tragedy has struck my apartment. No internet for almost a week!
As much as I hate to admit this, I am too technologically challenged to install my camera software on the Mac I use at work. Thus posting has been delayed which is a shame because I have so many wonderful new recipes to share with you.
Luckily, I managed to get some pics taken on Raine's iPhone of my latest creation.
May I present to you:
Pizza Pops!
These would be so perfect for any potluck or get together where a simple mess-free appetizer is needed.
I based my recipe off this one: Pizza Skewers
Mine were not nearly as photogenic, but they sure were delicious!
I didn't even make my own crust so they were super easy to prepare. 
I used:
1 package of pre-made pizza  dough (the kind that is near the biscuits and cinnamon rolls in the refrigerator section of the store)
Mushroom marinara sauce
Parmesan/Romano blend of shredded cheese

To make these, I simply rolled out the dough to about 18 X 12 inches. Then, I spread the entire surface with a thin layer of sauce, and sprinkled with cheese. 
I would use more cheese than that...
Very carefully roll up the dough like a jelly-roll. Roll it from the long side so the finished roll will be 18 inches long. 

There may be some sauce spillage out of the sides. Don't worry about it. Carefully make slices that are about an inch thick.

 Then, set them cut side down on a greased baking pan.
Top with a bit more cheese, and sauce if they look dry. 
Bake as directed, stopping about 5 minutes before the recommending baking time to check on them. I ended up using the full time + 2 minutes.
This is what they look like in real life.
Stick a skewer in them!
Display them prettily on your balcony. Do not let them fall.


Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some Google Reader to catch up on.

Do you like to eat food on a stick?


  1. Shut up! That's awesome! Sorry to hear about your internet...glad you're back! :) :)

  2. That really looks great and easy to make.

  3. Coolest.idea.ever. Such a great appetizer kind of idea for a fun party :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. This recipe is AWESOME- I want some right now. Now. Right now. What? you cant message them to me? dang. I love your illustrations too :)

  5. Hilarious images there---and I think if we revolutionise eating, everything can be had off sticks and we'll never need cutlery again. Oh wait, this is sounding like chopsticks, and I think Asians have figured this one out already... though I've been told it's bad manners to spear dumplings when they're slippery... I'm off topic, aren't I?

    OK: When I saw the pics, I thought of one thing---cake pops. Oh yeah. I'm pro-stick. ;)

  6. What a cute idea! I love foods on a stick. They are so fun to eat. This looks delicious!

  7. Oh yes! I LOVE things on a stick - way more fun that way!! :)

  8. These looks super cute! I'm not in love with putting any food on a stick, but sometimes it just works. And pizza pops sound like they work, for some reason. I love starbucks cake pops, I won't lie..... :)

  9. I think that I do like to eat food on a stick...fruit kabobs, salmon skewers - I've had both of these recently and they were delicious!

    Cute idea Sonia! Maya would love these.

  10. Uh, genius. That actually looks like fun to make! :D I have to give it a shot soon.