Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Caffeine Conundrum

^^Doesn't that title sound like it could be an episode of The Big Bang Theory?
A terrible thing happened in my apartment recently...I ran out of my favorite instant coffee. It is called Bru and  is made of instant coffee + roasted chicory. The taste is like no other coffee and apparently it's a rare find?! The one I had was purchased in Texas and it doesn't seem to be available where I live. They don't even have a website!
(attempted sad face)
I'm such a Bru fiend that I poured boiling water into the empty jar to get the last of the powdery coffee that was stuck to the inside walls of the glass. It's available for purchase online but it's way expensive with shipping & handling. 
So I need your help- what is your favorite instant coffee brand (if you have one)?! I cannot handle making coffee in my coffee maker because if I do, I will drink the entire pot of coffee and my right eye will start twitching. True story.

Luckily, the coffee at the student union is drinkable so I've been limping by on that for a few days. I had a cup this morning with what is turning into my weekly Wednesday croissant.
Of course, I got it at the farmer's market! 
I also got some (more!) kohlrabi, and a new-to-me lettuce called oakleaf. Speaking of the kohlrabi I got last week, I tried eating it 2 ways. 
First, I had it raw in a salad. It is the thin white strips you see below:
Also I used corn nuts as creative croutons- yum!
I also sliced the kohlrabi into thin rounds and made veggie chips with it and a sweet potato!
Some were a little "well done."
It was delicious both ways, and I think I will eat the ones I got today raw in salad again. It tasted like a very mild turnip. 

Side Note: have you seen these new Sally Hansen nail effects? I love them- so easy to use and such fun prints. Right now I have Kaleidoscope on my nails...

Help! I am desperate for instant coffee recommendations... Please let me know of any brands you prefer- Thank you!


  1. Oh dang...I know what it's like being out of coffee, not fun...but I don't use instant unfortunately. I brew a pot! Eek! What if you...brewed a pot and make half ice cubes, then the next morning you can make iced coffee (throw them in the blender with some coconut creamer). Or hey, you can always brew a half of a pot! Haha! Last thing - have you thought about buying a Keurig? It could solve all of your worries - it brews by the cup! :)

  2. When I drink instant I go for Starbucks Via- its not bad!

  3. I am not a coffee drinker, so I have no recommendations - sorry! I've heard good things about Starbucks via!

    I really like those nail effects - do you find them to be a pain to apply? I'm sort of beauty product challenged.

  4. Being out of your favorite coffee is the worst feeling! Especially since the one you love is tough to come by!
    I normally brew a big pot of mine and drink it as iced coffee throughout the week, so I'm no help.
    I have to try those nail effects. So fun!

  5. I have instant decaf from Trader Joe's but I know zero about coffee so this stuff may be TERRIBLE and I'd have no idea!

    I love your pretty nails!

  6. Aww sad day! I hate when I can get my hands on my favorite products. :( No caffeine here so I don't have a coffee recommendation for you. Sorry! Hopefully you'll find something that works for you.

    Also, love your pretty nails! :)

  7. I drink instant coffees from India only. Sunrise (which is now owned by Nescafe) is really good!

  8. i dont like coffee so cant help you there but the nail colors look cool!

  9. I <3 coffee, and would be very sad to run out too. I don't drink instant coffee but have you ever thought of getting a french press, you can make only a cup or two at a time (it does take longer than instant though) and it should only be about $10 or $15 at target.
    Hope you find a coffee you like soon.

  10. I'm a non-caffeine girl myself, but I think you already knew that. It makes me ill. Sometimes I'll still have half a soda or something, but I know there will be consequences!

    Also, I *love* your nails. I've been wanting to try those but I didnt know if my nails would be too short and if the things would stay on....I'll need an update/review!

  11. Not sure if you will even notice this comment so long after it was posted....check out Pioneer Woman's blog post about iced coffee - she does a cold brew - no pot needed or French Press - very good stuff. I just happened to find your blog because Tina (carrotsncake blog) posted a link to check out blogs in my area - I live in southern Illinois and went to college in Charleston (a loooong time ago) so I decided to check yours out.