Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Little Chopper that Could

Hola Chicas! 
Thank you so much for your well wishes on my guest lecture- I'm so excited! I spent hours yesterday working on my PowerPoint slides, and planning activities for the class to do. The lecture is on Wednesday at 11:00am- but I wish it was tomorrow :)
I was cooking with a friend yesterday and I started getting irritated by my lack of counter space and abundance of small kitchen appliances. I thought about putting some away in boxes but I realized that I use all of my appliances (blender, food processor, spiralizer, steamer, rice cooker...) on an almost daily basis. 
They are all important in my kitchen and today I want to share some stuff that's been coming out of my little food processor!
I got this small Cuisinart processor courtesy of CSN Stores earlier this month and use it so much!
I have made Veggie Good Falafel:
I skipped the olive oil in her recipe and instead of pasta, served my sauce on a big bed of cabbage, zucchini, tomato, carrots, black beans, and lettuce! The sauce was amazing- it's a must make dish!
I've also made oreo balls twice...
and one of the latest things I've been making is...
Tropical Berry Balls
These were inspired by Allison's recipe.
In mine, I used:
1/3 cup dried berries (cranberries, blueberries, strawberries)
1/2 spear dried papaya, diced
2 TBSP cashews
1 TBSP agave nectar
1/4 cup oats
1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar

I pulsed all of these things in the food processor until they came together into a big mass. I rolled them into 6 balls and even rolled a few in unsweetened coconut.
Delish! Thank you for the recipe, Allison!
This is a super quick 5-minute dessert, and they make great pre-workout snacks. And- they're way cheaper than LaraBars or any other raw bar, and just as (if not more) tasty!

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?


  1. Favorite kitchen appliance = steamer.

  2. My immersion blender is my favorite kitchen appliance, I was without one for three months and felt so useless without it! Those oreo balls look delish!

  3. I absolutely love my food processor too. I come up with excuses for things to make in it so I can use it :}

  4. If you had asked me 2 months ago, it was the food processor -- BUT I currently having a little obsession with the rice cooker.

  5. Oh my gosh, I know what you mean! I have thought of putting some kitchen appliances away, too. But I couldn't think of one thing that I wouldn't
    I never felt like the kitchen is small Growing up in Japan, everything still looks huge in

  6. I dont have that many appliances. But if I had to choose I guess Id go with my crockpot. Im lame!

  7. What a cute post! My husband LOVES making Oreo balls. He usually makes them mint flavored, though. :)

  8. it's a toss up between my vitamix and my dehydrator.

  9. Yum that salad looks so tasty. My favourite appliance is my electric kettle. What can I say, my roots are English...

  10. I need to own two processor, one for all my Indian/garlic/heavily spiced stuff and one for sweet things. I'm pretty sure if I tried making oreo balls in the one we have right now, they would taste like garlic haha

  11. My mom just bought me a magic bullet type appliance and can't wait to use it. Since I don't have many fun gadgets, I would have to say that my toaster is one I use quite often. Not all that exciting I know. :)

  12. Wow, those Oreo balls look like the best, most amazing truffles you could buy! Actually, all the food looks great :-)
    The appliance I couldn't live without is my hand blender. It came with a grinder/mill fitting and I use it more than my actual blender - might have to put it to work on some of what you've made!

  13. I absolutely LIVE for oreo balls! Oh they are just too good:) In response to your comment on my blog; caramelized bananas are truly amazing on ice fact I just had that about a 1/2 hour ago:) Chocolate ice cream of course! Oh and I love your falafel, really want to try it now!