Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Day

Brrr! It's cold out here... Yesterday around 4pm it started raining ice. Not hail, not really sleet...but teeny tiny frozen raindrops! They froze on the tree branches and made mini icicles all over everything!
The icy rain also created a sheet of ice for me to slide home on...

But it was so windy that I couldn't get a very clear shot of any cool icicles- the tree branches were blowing too much!
It looked really cool at night...

but of course, in true Sonia-fashion...as soon as I had taken 3 pictures outside in the snow- my camera battery died! 
My old camera used to charge on my computer, and I forgot that this one does not.
Either way, it was fun to slide around outside for a few minutes!
 Something yummy I've been eating lately is socca, which is like a chickpea flour pancake/crepe/bread, depending on how you make it:
I made mine in the skillet, like Gina did in her post on socca.
It has a slight bitter (but not bad) flavor, so I topped mine with some agave nectar and sea salt- and it was divine! For my batter, I used a half cup of each water and chickpea flour with a pinch of salt. I cooked it by the tablespoon-full on a hot olive-oiled skillet to make itty bitty cakes!
They are packed with protein and very delicious.

And...the blurry image on my ring is...
Ron from Harry Potter! Mansee guessed it!
Here is your hug:

What do you visualize when you think of the word hug?


  1. Where did you get that ring? My sister's birthday is coming up and she is obsessed with Ron!

  2. Wow, your "hug" is a lot different from mine, I think. I visualize a huge teddy bear or Winnie the Pooh when I think of a hug.lol

  3. When I think of the word "hug" I think of warmth, feeling small in someones arms and feeling safe.

  4. Hey! This is the first time I've seen your blog and would first off like to say, I like romaine lettuce! Also, I like the rest of your blog too.

  5. Your little socca pancakes look perfect, and as scary as ice storms can be, they always look so pretty. Love the nighttime pics.

    Hugs = CD's arms. :)