Friday, August 13, 2010

$21 a Week Challenge: Day 3

Hello! TGIF :) Since I have no real obligations or things to do until school starts...I almost forgot that it is Friday today. I hope you're all having a great one!
My appetite started returning yesterday, but I think it may be back in full swing today!

For breakfast I had:
Fruit, glorious fruit! Plus an unpictured PB sandwich on whole wheat :)

1/4 cantaloupe: .57
several strawberries: .31
2 slices of bread: .18
PB: already in the pantry

For lunch I had:
Pierogi! Sorry about the weird lighting... my camera has been acting up! I also had some more chana masala and even more strawberries. And a dollop of ketchup topped with Texas Pete on the side!

Pierogi: .24 (I actually bought this potato pierogi last week, but it's still in the freezer. The box was 1.18 and there are 5 servings in it)
Chana Masala: leftovers (the cost of the entire recipe was budgeted into Tuesday's menu)
Strawberries: .31

Dinner was simple but delicious. My boyfriend, Raine, was making a pizza and graciously let me create my own slice :) This is what I did:
I sprinkled my piece with garam masala and we baked!
I carefully removed my slice...
This was so good! Something about this was just...amazing. I definitely have plans to make an entire pizza like this in the near future. Plus cantaloupe on the side, X3

Pizza: courtesy of Raine :) He bought the crust in the reduced-price section for $1.50 and the pizza sauce was just 1.00... so my 6th would be: .78
Cantaloupe: .57

Total: $2.96

Even though I have been using other items that I had in my pantry already, along with groceries that were left over from last week, I think the challenge is still fair. I know I'll have bread, oats, and a little produce left over at the end of my week to use up next week, and the week after. So, it all evens out, right? 
The night I did groceries, I sat down and made a meal plan for the week and so far I have't followed a single thing on it! My food-mood changes so often that I can't ever plan for the future...

Do you meal plan? If so, how far in advance do you plan for?
To all of you vegetarians and vegans out there: do you mind when your food comes near or comes into contact with meat or dairy? As you can see by the above, I don't really mind. I do mind in situations where my veggies are being cut up or cooked on the same surface as meat was just being prepared on, without being cleaned first!

Updated to add:
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  1. LOL, I love your pizza! It looks like Pac-Man eating pac pellets. :)

    I plan my menus all the time, but often change them at the last minute, which leads to overbuying food. hehe


  2. Im pretty amazed that you are able to eat all that for so cheap! nice going!

  3. I love his clearly marked your slice of pizza is...too cunny.

    I am really impressed with your budgeting! I am not much of a planner anymore. I used to be but then I realized I could just stop spending so much on clothes and a little more on food instead.

    To answer your Ali isn't fasting this year. He wasn't brought up religious like me but sometimes he'll do one or two here and there. We'll see what happens!

  4. Oh my...of course I meant funny not cunny. Sorry!

  5. Wow this is impressive, Sonia. Very nice!
    It's crazy that you have a mind for all those numbers, and you care about it in such a detailed way. Awesome, awesome!

    PS I have this sickening feeling that somehow I unfollowed your blog, because I haven't seen you in a long time. What is up with that??
    Definitely going to fix the problem.