Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Mystery of The Mango Nut

Hi y'all!
So, I've been meaning to blog about something that happened Friday night. I bought a delicious ripe mango from the store and decided to try something new!
After peeling, cubing, and eating this juicy specimen:

I nibbled all of the goodness off the pit and wondered Can I bake this? Is it poisonous?? After some quick research, I found out that the mango is related to both poison ivy and cashew nuts. I read a few forums about people buying the roasted pit from a street vendor, or roasting them at home, as well as a few scientific journal articles here and here. So, step 1- they are edible. Step 2- there were no recipes for the roasted pit!
I decided to create my own. I put the seed on foil and baked it for half an hour at 350*

After, it became a little browned.

And it smelled heavenly! It was a roasty-nutty-sweet aroma and it filled the house! It made me want baked goods. I baked it for 15 more minutes and started hacking into the shell of the pit with some heavy duty scissors.

Finally I got the seed out...apologies for the orange-y picture, my kitchen was dim and the flash on the camera is horrendous!

At this point, it smelled like a roasted chestnut. The dark brown marbled part is a thin woody skin, and the lighter portion is the seed- it was a grayish color.
Now, I wasn't sure whether the seed was supposed to be gray or not- was it mold?! I didn't want to risk tasting it. The inside of the seed was also grayish.

Does anyone know anything about mango seeds? I really wanted to try eating this, but didn't know if gray was the natural color. For some reason, I feel it should be a cream color, or at least not gray.
Thus ended my late-night mango experiment... I would really appreciate any information anyone has about roasting a mango pit!

Back to the present...I woke up super late at 8:15am today, and showered and dressed quickly. I had a test at 9:30! Of course, I made sure to have a yummy breakfast before I left the house :)
This was 1 sliced banana, half a container of Fage Greek Yogurt, and some Crofter's Organic Strawberry Jam with MaraNatha Almond Butter.

This was really good, but I found myself somewhat overwhelmed with the almond butter. I didn't finish all of the nut buttery bites :( I think I will switch back to PB for a while- this happened to me the last time I had almond butter, too!
After eating I left to take my test- my LAST "test" of my undergraduate career- not counting the final exam! It went alright...I have a high A average in that class so I didn't bother with studying too much ;) After class it was off to work for a busy day! Several of the people I work with are students and have busier class schedules than me. So, Tuesdays and Thursdays, when 1 of them cannot come in, I am responsible for the extra work! I don't mind it at all, but I was super tired today for some reason and just wanted to get out of there.
I had a small lunch around noon since the banana concoction kept me full forever.
2 organic carrots, fat free cottage cheese, and nutritional yeast:

This was very very tasty, but I was hungry-hungry 2 hours later...I had a CLIF bar in my purse but wasn't really feeling it, so I decided to wait to eat again when I got home.
And eat I did! I made a big snack plate at 5pm. It had roasted cauliflower, 3 meatless meat balls, and half a wheat bun with Earth Balance. Plus- Sabra Garlic Hummus for dipping!

Oof. I am absolutely stuffed now! This was super good though, and it took me about an hour to make my way through all of this food. I halved this recipe for the cauliflower. Of course, I rarely follow directions and made some substitutions.
Instead of lemon juice, I used lime.
Instead of minced garlic, I used garlic powder (laziness at its finest- I had a jar of minced in the fridge!)
And I omitted the salt, black pepper, dill, and olive oil. Instead of olive oil I used sprayable Smart Balance :)

I love that recipe though! I am thinking about trying it with broccoli and ketchup in place of mustard tomorrow! Mmmm. I also love Ameena's Indian Cauliflower recipe, and have been thinking of a way to turn it into a roasted dish incorporating all of the spices she uses!

What's your fave roasted veggie?


  1. i dont know anything about mango pits, but i have heard that the nut inside of apricot, peach, and plum pits is SO good for you and full of cancer-fighting stuff (stuff. that sounds so legit, huh?). i've tried them-- its a strange taste, almost tingly, but not bad.

  2. i really dont think you should be eating a pit! lots of plants, i am pretty sure, store their "plant toxins" in their pits or seeds, i.e. dont eat apple seeds they have traces of a toxin in them type of thing. That's why mother have to make sure their babies dont get apple seeds.

    I have a hell of a time cutting mangos properly without wasting half the fruit. I am great with knives...except on mangoes!

    I give you A+++ for effort on the roasting action but i wouldnt eat the pit either.
    Noted re the tough love on the abs. Ok good.

  3. Hmm, very interesting about the mango nut. You've got guts! That's all I can say. :)

  4. Ooh, never thought about eating mango seeds before. Hmm... I've never done it myself but I think that might be the normal color:

    Also... @ above comments, I wouldn't eat apricot, peach or plum pits unless you roast them first. I'm pretty sure they can cause cyanide poisoning (although it's debatable how many you need to eat for this to happen... but I wouldn't 'test' it haha).

  5. My favorite roasted veggie is asparagus!!

    And I love love love Mango! Reminds me of when I went to India because they always ate it there!!

  6. Ohhhh, if you try baking the nut again and taste it, make sure you let me know how it tastes. Sound interesting. :)

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  8. I started consuming mango kernels today, after reading this article http://www.ifrj.upm.edu.my/19%20(04)%202012/5%20IFRJ%2019%20(04)%202012%20Kittiporn%20(375).pdf ; I added the kernels to my smoothie.